18 September 2015

Welcome to PEMAIL Research Initiative!

Welcome to the official page of the Presidential Election Mail Research Initiative (PEMAILRI).

The Presidential Election Mail Research Initiative (PEMAILRI) is dedicated to better understanding the electronic outreach protocols of the candidates in the 2016 United States Presidential Election. Through a novel research approach, PEMAILRI will be able to monitor each respective candidate's electronic mailing habits, giving the American public better insight into each candidate's outreach behaviors, privacy policy adherence, and campaign fundraising protocols.

The position of President of the United States of America is arguably the most powerful position a person can be elected to, in the world. As such, it only makes sense that as much transparency as possible be injected into the process of how that person seeks their supporters' votes.

In the coming weeks and months PEMAILRI will provide analysis and insight of how each candidate still in the running is reaching out to their potential supporters, including the outreach frequency, amount of money requested, and integrity of e-mailing addresses.

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